Dental Implant Cost Guide

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Cheap Dental Implants Near Me

You’ve probably seen advertisements for ridiculously cheap dental implants in La Jolla. While it seems appealing, the fee that’s listed usually only covers the cost of the implant itself. It does not include the abutment on top of your implant, the crown on top of the abutment, or any bone grafts or anesthesia required.

These “cheap dental implants” are inadvertently misleading. Especially when you’ve already begun your treatment and discover hidden fees, such as your permanent restorations after the healing prosthesis is removed.

The best way to find reasonably priced dental implants is to ask around, visit dentists in person for a first-hand evaluation, and read online reviews or testimonials. Sometimes second opinions are also helpful.

You Get What You Pay For

The prices of dental implants in La Jolla are one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your oral health. When compared to other tooth replacements that need to be updated every several years, dental implants are both affordable and offer long-term value for your money.

At Harmony Dental Group, our dental implant prices are a reflection of the quality treatment you’ll receive. We’re proud of our implant fees, not just for the quality of materials and techniques used but also for the level of care every patient receives. Our dental staff is attentive to your needs, caring, and knowledgeable about dental implant procedures, giving you peace of mind that your smile is in great hands.

When you receive a dental implant treatment plan at Harmony Dental Group, we’ll provide a breakdown of all steps, fees, and procedures involved. Then our treatment coordinators will connect with your insurance carrier to maximize your benefits package to reduce the cost of dental implants even further.

Will My Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

It depends on what type of insurance policy you carry, as every plan and company is different. Insurance may cover some of the cost of implants, depending on the circumstances. At Harmony Dental Group, we connect directly with your insurance carrier to determine what the estimated amount will be. You can also finance all or a portion of your implant treatment.

Are Same-Day Dental Implants Safe?

Numerous studies have shown that same-day implants can be successful if they are performed by an experienced dentist. However, there are certain criteria patients must meet, and not all types of dental implants can be installed in one day. Most implants require 3-4 months to integrate with your bone before they can support the full biting weight of your other teeth. Our La Jolla, CA implant dentist will discuss what options there are and help you navigate the planning process as it depends on your oral health needs.

How Can I Find Out How Much Implants Cost?

The price of dental implant treatment from start to finish will vary from one person to the next. Things like:

  • The number of missing teeth
  • Any dental extractions you need
  • Whether sedation is used
  • If bone grafting is required
  • The type of appliance/prosthesis

…all impact the price of dental implant treatment in La Jolla, CA. You can rest assured that we will evaluate your needs during your consultation for dental implants and provide an itemized care plan that lists all associated fees to ensure the best results. No two dental implant treatments are alike, which is why it’s so important to speak to a dentist or specialist about your situation before setting your mind on a specific type of procedure.

Fewer Dental Implants May be Better (and Save You Money)

One way to save on dental implant costs in La Jolla is to utilize pairs or sets of implants to support multi-tooth restorations. For example, we can replace three or four teeth with only two implants and a fixed porcelain bridge. Or if you need to replace all of your teeth in one arch, as few as four dental implants may be required. There are even “snap-on” denture options that use as few as two dental implants for support. Treatments like “All-on-4” style dental implants are more price effective on a per-tooth basis compared to placing a dental implant and crown for each tooth.

Cost of Dental Implants vs. Bridges, Partials, Dentures

The price of La Jolla dental implants may initially seem more expensive than getting a dental bridge or partial denture. However, dental implants are the only tooth replacement restoration that’s capable of lasting an entire lifetime when you maintain it properly. On the other hand, bridges or partials usually need to be replaced every ten years or so (and at a certain point, bridges can only be replaced so many times.) When you look at the overall lifespan of your smile, it’s actually more cost-effective and affordable to invest in dental implants from the very beginning.

How to Find Out How Much Dental Implants Cost in La Jolla, CA

Because of variables like extractions, bone grafting, and sedation, it’s impossible to get a price quote for dental implants over the phone. Harmony Dental Group provides no-obligation treatment quotes for all prospective dental implant clients at the time of their exams and X-rays. After we have fully evaluated your smile and oral anatomy, we can precisely create a plan that restores your smile, enhances your oral health, and boosts your self-confidence.

Take your itemized treatment breakdown with you to “sleep on it,” compared to other price quotes, or discuss it with your family. If you’re ready to go ahead and schedule your dental implant treatment, you can contact our dentist in La Jolla at any time.

Yes, Financing is Available!

Whether you’re using dental insurance or not, we offer flexible payment plans that you can use to cover all or a portion of your implant treatment. There’s no need to wait another day to restore your smile; contact us for a no-pressure exam to find out how easy it is to afford dental implant treatment in La Jolla.

La Jolla Affordable Dental Implants

Find out how much dental implants cost in La Jolla. Call Harmony Dental Group today to reserve your implant consultation.