Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

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Wisdom teeth (also known as “third molars”) can often be painful and require surgical removal. This is a common procedure for young adults and teens, as erupting wisdom teeth often don’t have adequate space to erupt. Or they are partially erupted, putting them at an increased risk of infection. Harmony Dental Group offers affordable wisdom teeth removal in La Jolla, CA. But how much does it cost, and are wisdom teeth extractions covered by dental insurance?

Do My Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

The position of wisdom teeth can make them more likely to experience impaction, infection, or decay. In turn, this can evolve into painful situations or damage to your adjacent teeth. The cost of wisdom tooth removal in La Jolla can essentially prevent the need for other costly treatments in the future.

Our La Jolla dentist may recommend removing your wisdom teeth if you’re showing signs of:

  • Infection, cavities, or periodontitis
  • Crowding
  • Impaction or partial impaction
  • Physical damage to neighboring teeth

Even if your wisdom teeth don’t hurt, we should examine them routinely to assess whether or not they (and the adjacent teeth) are healthy. For the cost of an exam and X-ray, you can have peace of mind knowing that your smile’s health is on the right path to success.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost La Jolla

The cost of wisdom teeth removal depends on many factors, such as the position of the tooth, how many wisdom teeth there are, and if any sedation is being used.

Some of the various fees you’ll want to consider are those related to the following:

  • Simple Wisdom Teeth Removal: A simple extraction can cost in the vicinity of $150-$300.
  • Surgical Removal (Impacted Wisdom Teeth: A typical surgical extraction will usually range between $300-$500.
  • Additional Fees: Examinations, CBCT/panoramic X-rays, and sedation.

These wisdom tooth removal costs can vary, and some offices will include them in the final cost of the procedure rather than as an additional charge. Many dentists and oral surgeons offer discounts if you are having all four of your wisdom teeth removed at one time.

What are the Factors that Affect the Price of Wisdom Tooth Removal?

The difficulty of the procedure: An erupted tooth is easier and quicker to remove than an unerupted or impacted wisdom tooth. Because erupted teeth are fully visible from the gums, it is usually easier to extract them. However, impacted teeth can be stuck partially or entirely under the gums or bone. Removing an impacted tooth requires more time and resources.

How many wisdom teeth there are: Procedure fees are based on each tooth. It costs less if you’re only having one or two wisdom teeth removed, but usually, the price per tooth is lower if you’re removing all four at once.

If sedation is being used: Local anesthesia will numb the teeth and areas around them, but there are other options for sedation, such as oral medications, IV sedation, and laughing gas (nitrous oxide.) Adding sedation to your appointment can help you relax better during surgery

Paying for a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Dental Insurance: Wisdom tooth removal that’s covered by your insurance is best. Many dental insurances cover at least a portion of your wisdom tooth extraction costs. Harmony Dental Group is an insurance-friendly dental practice that accepts most insurance benefits. We can help you with your insurance estimates, including assisting you in filing your claims and maximizing your benefits to work in your favor.

Flex and Health Savings Plans: Your HSA or FSA accounts also cover dental-related procedures like wisdom tooth removal.

Payment Plans: Many oral surgeons and dentists offer payment plans that allow you to spread the cost of wisdom tooth removal over smaller, more affordable payments. At Harmony Dental Group, we work with dental financing companies such as CareCredit, Lending Club, and others to provide low and 0% interest financing on treatments like dental extractions.

Total Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal

Removal of wisdom teeth can cost between $150 and $500 per tooth. Because they are more difficult to remove than other teeth, and the fact that wisdom teeth with impacted roots require alternative removal techniques, the procedure is usually more expensive than your typical dental extraction. Waiting until they hurt or cause problems isn’t recommended; as you age, the surgery becomes more complex and can be even more expensive to perform.

If you’re unsure whether you need your wisdom teeth removed, call Harmony Dental Group to reserve a wisdom tooth exam in La Jolla, CA.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Costs FAQs

How much does it cost to have wisdom teeth removed?

While the cost of wisdom tooth removal is variable, a straightforward oral surgery procedure can be as low as $150-$300 per tooth. Costs for impacted wisdom teeth can vary from $300 to $500 per tooth.

What is the cost of removing all four wisdom teeth at one time?

The average cost to remove all four wisdom teeth is between $600 and $2000. This includes the fee for an exam, X-ray, and sedation.

Why is having a wisdom tooth removed so expensive?

Because it is a type of oral surgery, wisdom teeth extraction naturally incurs additional fees related to the procedure. Our La Jolla, CA dentist must take extra steps to ensure your safety. In some cases, it may require a referral to a specialist.

What should I do if I don’t have the money to pay for wisdom teeth removal?

If you’re currently unable to pay for the cost of wisdom tooth removal, there are other options to consider. Many dental offices offer payment plans or partner with third-party lenders. Companies like CareCredit financing allow you to make low monthly payments. You can also consider community clinics or visiting a dental college to have your procedure completed.

When do wisdom teeth start to come in?

Wisdom teeth typically start to erupt sometime between the ages of 15-20, but they can continue growing until you’re about 30 years old.

Does insurance cover wisdom tooth removals?

Many insurance companies offer benefits related to wisdom tooth removal procedures. Depending on your plan, your insurance may cover approximately 50% of the cost of wisdom tooth removal.